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4Flat plate collector
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Export Spec

TianShang 2.0 sqm TianShng 2.5 sqm
General Info

Outer size 2000x1000x80mm 2000x1247x95mm
Aperature area 1.91 m2 2.40 m2
Casing thickness 1.0 mm 1.2 or 1.3 mm
Glass  3.2mm low iron glass with transmission 92% 3.2mm low iron glass with transmission 92%
Insulation Glasswood 24K Glasswood 48K
Back sheet Galvanized steel 0.3mm Galvanized steel 0.3mm
Absorber info

aborber type Aluminum full-plate absorber, 0.4mm thickness Aluminum full-plate absorber,  0.4mm thickness
header Dia 22x0.55mm, 1060mm length, 2pcs Dia22x0.55mm, 1307mm length, 2pcs
Riser Dia8x0.5mm, 8 pcs Dia8x0.5mm, 10 pcs
Coating info Black chrome Black chrome
structure between riser/absorber Double ultrasonic welding from the back Double ultrasonic welding from the back
Installation info & Water test

Water test 1.70mPa 1.70mPa
Distance between headers center 1900mm 1900mm
Spec Options

(1)In order to fit various situation in the world, we have below options on specification:
(2)Various coating like black chrome, blue sputtering, other update ones, etc
(3)Various collector thickness and color of casting
(4)Bare connection or female connection of collector import/export
(5)Various insulation options, for example integrated PU form
(6)Various number of riser number per square meter

Flat plate system VS evacuated system

TianShang Flat-collector System

Evacuated tube pressurized system

Evacuated tube collector thermophyson system


Max working Pressure


0.8mPa to 1.0mPa

Without any pressure, just something like MAX 0.2mPa

Tank and collector split or integrated



Integrated or split

Direct or Indirect system

Better indirect

Better indirect


Life span suppose to use

20 years

10 to 20 years, depending on system design

Usually around 10 years. The cotact place between glasstube/manifold is week, which is a rubber ring and thus can age easily and thus easy to get off if water pressure change suddendly.

Easy or not to leak

No, even under high pressure

No, even under high pressure

No, if without any pressure. Without presure is a must to this system


Medium and good for not super cold area

Super high cost since either colletor or tank is specially designed, good for only super cold climate area

Low cost but a lot of problem while using

Application Example
  • Balcony split system, which is wide-used in north China

  • Comecial projects with isolated commerical tank with collector arrays

  • Our panel in another Euro country, pressured and split system

  • Our collector in German house, pressured and split system