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4U-tube collector
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Product Introduction

We make U-tube collector:

In order to supply collectors fiting cold weather like North Euro, North China & North America, we designed and supplied a kind of U-tube collector, as below


(1)Good for cold climate

(2)High efficiency under cold climate

General Info
Outer size 1610(L)x1086(W)x100mm (THICK)
Aperature area 0.95 m2
Vacuum glass tube Dia 47mmx1500mm 7pcs
Net Weigt 35Kgs
Absorber info
header Dia 14x0.7mm, length 1070mm, total 2pcs
Riser Dia 8x0.5mm, length 2993mm, 14pcs
Absorber fin Aluminum 0.3mm thick, 28pcs.
Absorber fin wrapping up the risers
Installation info & Water test
Max Operation pressure 1.2mPa
Rate flow 240L/H
Volume 1.92L
Warrany 5 years
U-tube collector
  • Real Sample 实物图

  • Structure Showing 结构图

  • U-TUBE collector with 14 vacuum tubes