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4Solar thermo Factory introduction
Factory Introduction

TianShang Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. began its manufacturing on solar flat plate collectors at 2005 while whole China just began to consider solar power. We are one of the first group companies in China manufacturing flat-plate collectors and solar water heater.
(1) We focus on our OEM & ODM service strategy around 20 years.
That is why in China market you can see our collectors everywhere even our brand is NOT very famous in retails market
(2) We are the leading OEM factory on flat plate collector nowadays in China
We have good competition on price VS quality nowadays in China.

At end of 2023, due to expanding of selling volume in China we set up our new factory in Zhaoqing city, Guangdong province. And now we are
(1)With around 20,000 sqm workshop, 80 employees,
(2)Our selling per month is around 20,000 sqm and our capacity is 30,000sqm
(3)We apply more automated machines and AI tools.
(4)We extend our portfolio to include U-TUBE collector and Heat pipe collectors

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