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Development demand of solar hot water engineering:
In today's social production and life, the solar energy ordinary low-temperature hot water project has been far from meeting the demand, so the solar energy medium and high-temperature hot water steam project came into being. It can perfectly solve the problem of low temperature of ordinary solar water heaters in winter, and can provide steam with different pressure according to needs, so as to solve the use of high-temperature steam and hot water in industrial enterprises, further reduce the thermal cost of enterprises and improve profits.

Solar energy medium and low temperature hot water project is the best solution for domestic water in hotels, bathrooms, civil use, heating, etc. The medium and low temperature solar hot water project is suitable for domestic needs or general industrial needs with water temperature below 60 ℃. This kind of project has good application effect, and the investment cost can be recovered in less than 3 years.

Solar hot water project

For different thermal projects, detailed case analysis should be used to formulate detailed design schemes and construction rules, so as to ensure that each project can best meet the heat needs of customers, and the design capacity should not be too large. In this way, the temperature is guaranteed, but it will increase the unnecessary initial investment of users, and the capacity should not be too small to be used. In particular, solar energy projects depend on the weather, and the amount of radiation in different regions is very different, so it is more necessary to compare the building conditions for analysis.
Solar hot water engineering can be widely used in hotels, schools, hotels, baths, and industrial heating systems.
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