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The collector with high efficiency is composed of collection and absorption devices. Sunlight consists of visible light and invisible light of different wavelengths. Different substances and colors have different absorption and reflection capacities for light of different wavelengths. Black has the strongest ability to absorb sunlight, so cotton padded clothes are generally made of dark or black cloth. White has the strongest ability to reflect sunlight, so most shirts in summer are light or white. Therefore, the use of black color can gather heat. The purpose of heat collection can also be achieved by allowing parallel sunlight to gather on a point, a line or a small area through the focusing lens. Paper will not be ignited by the sun, no matter how strong the sun is, even in hot summer. However, if you use a light collector to gather sunlight on the paper, you can ignite the paper. Generally, collectors can be divided into flat plate collectors, concentrating collectors and flat mirrors.

Solar collector

Flat plate collectors are generally used for solar water heaters. The concentrating collector can focus sunlight to obtain high temperature. The focus can be point or line, which is used for solar power plants, heating (heating) and air conditioning (cooling) of houses, solar ovens, etc. Fresnel lens, paraboloid mirror and heliostat are constructed according to condenser
Plane mirror is used for solar tower power generation. It has tracking equipment and is generally used in combination with parabolic mirror. The plane mirror focuses the sunlight on the parabolic mirror, which focuses it.
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