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In view of the technology and quality gap between domestic solar collectors and foreign ones, the following measures should be taken to improve the performance and quality of flat plate collectors:
1) Research and develop a selective coating suitable for flat panel solar collectors. The coating should have high absorptivity, low infrared emissivity, excellent heat, moisture and weather resistance and appropriate processing cost< Br> 2) Low iron high transmittance cover glass is widely used. At present, many glass manufacturers have begun to produce low iron glass suitable for solar collectors, and the gap between domestic and foreign glass quality is becoming smaller and smaller< Br> 3) Pay attention to the optimal design of the collector, improve the manufacturing process, ensure the tightness of the structure, and reduce the heat loss of the collector< Br>

4) The tempered glass is selected as the collector cover plate to improve the quality of collector components. The optimized structural design is adopted to ensure that the collector can withstand performance tests such as hail proof, rain proof, air drying, pressure resistance and thermal shock, so as to improve the service life of the collector and reduce the system maintenance cost

Solar collector

5) In order to meet the special requirements of cold areas, solar heating, air conditioning and industrial heating, efficient flat plate collectors should be developed. Industrialization of technologies such as double-layer cover plate and transparent honeycomb shall be realized as soon as possible, and its cost performance shall be improved, so that the high-efficiency flat plate collector has strong market competitiveness
6) Track the advanced technology and process of foreign flat plate collectors, develop new solar system of flat plate collectors, and improve the market share of flat plate collectors.
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