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Solar collectors are defined as:
A device that absorbs solar radiation and transfers the generated heat energy to a heat transfer medium. This short definition contains rich meanings: first, solar collector is a device; Second: solar collectors can absorb solar radiation; Third: solar energy collector can generate heat energy; Fourth: the solar collector can transfer heat energy to the heat transfer medium.
Solar collector
Classification of solar collectors:
1. according to the type of heat transfer working medium of the collector: liquid collector and air collector
2. divided by whether the solar radiation entering the daylight opening changes direction: condensing collector and non condensing collector
3. according to whether the collector tracks the sun, it can be divided into: tracking collector and non tracking collector
4. according to whether there is vacuum space in the collector, it can be divided into flat plate collector and vacuum tube collector
5. according to the working temperature range of the collector, it is divided into: low temperature collector, medium temperature collector and high temperature collector
6. according to the materials used for the collector plate, they are: pure copper collector plate, copper aluminum composite collector plate and pure aluminum collector plate
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