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How much do you know about solar water heating system? Let's see if there's anything you don't know

Active circulating solar water heating system is a hot water system that uses external power such as mechanical equipment to force the heat transfer working medium to circulate through the collector or heat exchanger. Active circulating solar water heating system. In this system, a water pump is arranged on the pipeline between the collector and the water storage tank as the water circulating power in the system. The system is equipped with a control device to operate the water pump according to the temperature difference between the collector outlet and the water storage tank. Install a check valve at the inlet of the water pump to prevent heat loss caused by water backflow in the system at night.

Solar water heating system

The active circulating solar water heating system can greatly increase the circulating pressure, improve the thermal efficiency, and realize the multiple functions and control of the water heating system. It is a widely used form of water heating system. In large-scale solar water heating projects, ordinary solar water heaters can be connected in series to form the above systems, but more commonly, header collectors are used to form various forms of hot water systems.

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