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Site survey is one of the important contents in the construction preparation stage, and it is also the premise for the second deepening of the design scheme. Some projects have been subject to site survey during design, but the site survey before construction has changed. The site survey of solar water heating system needs to pay attention to the following points:
1. check the orientation, structure and actual size of the roof of the house to be installed
2. recheck and calculate the wind load on the placement space and roof bearing of large equipment such as water tanks, and design reliable wind protection measures if necessary
3. water source location and water pressure

4. power supply position and load;


5. optimize the design drawings according to the actual situation on site and considering the pipeline route
6. consider the material access route and the hoisting of large equipment such as water tank in combination with the site
In addition, attention shall be paid to the technical communication with the construction team, so that the construction personnel can have a detailed understanding of the project characteristics, technical quality requirements, construction methods and measures and safety, so as to scientifically organize the construction and avoid the occurrence of technical quality accidents.
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