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​The hair salon air energy water heater technology originates from air conditioners, but it is not completely equivalent to air conditioners. Due to different working environments, the relatively harsh working conditions have high requirements on the quality of the compressor. As far as I know, under such harsh conditions, it can be There are only two compressors, Panasonic and Copeland, which maintain a long service life and achieve a high energy efficiency ratio. Therefore, it is recommended that you first check which compressor is used when purchasing.
Air energy products have been used in foreign countries for decades, and the technology has already matured. Domestic manufacturers are just imitating them. The technology is similar and basically homogenized. Strictly speaking, as long as you have done air conditioning, you have the minimum R&D capabilities and experimental equipment such as enthalpy difference rooms, and on this basis, you can improve and match the test, and it is an easy task to do a good job of air energy, not as boasted by some manufacturers. What high tech.
Those brands under the banner of German technology and American companies are mostly deceitful, don't believe them. It is better not to be too superstitious about foreign brands for air-energy water heaters. The world's largest heat pump production base opened by an American company in Jiangmen, which was exposed by China Quality Miles some time ago, turned out to be just a screwdriver factory without at least testing equipment, which is the best proof.
It is recommended to purchase air energy water heaters from the following aspects.
1. Authoritativeness of technology: Check whether the technology of the company where the air energy product is located has been recognized by the industry, whether it has an engineering technology research and development center recognized by the government, and whether it has undertaken or participated in national-level air energy water heater scientific research projects.
2. Reliability of quality: An important indicator for judging the quality of air energy water heater products is to look at the compressor. The compressor can be said to be the heart of the air energy water heater. Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Emerson and other brands are relatively well-known in the application of compressors, and some enterprises Using domestic air-conditioning compressors, the performance and life of the unit cannot be guaranteed.
3. Professionalism of the brand: For the air energy industry, some brands only make air energy products, some are transformed from other fields, and some are half-way monks. Therefore, when consumers choose air energy brands and products, they must combine the above two points to judge the professionalism of the brand and the maturity of technology.
Fourth, the superiority of performance: When purchasing air energy water heater products, in addition to comparing the advantages and data common to energy saving, environmental protection, safety and other related industries (this is the same function and selling point of all air energy water heaters), the key Comprehensive consideration of other additional performance of the product, such as daily cleaning, maintenance, intelligent thermal insulation performance, etc.
5. After-sales security: However, consumers cannot simply trust the warranty period when purchasing, such as whether there is a special person for irregular inspections and maintenance, how many hours to respond to repairs, and how many hours for door-to-door repairs. The service commitment period of brands that are doing well in the industry today is: 3-year warranty for the main unit of the home machine and 5 years for the water tank.
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