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​When analyzing the energy storage process, the part of the object or space that is delineated in order to determine the research object is called an energy storage system. It includes energy and matter input and output, energy conversion and storage equipment.
There are different energy storage requirements for different application purposes, but to sum up, the common characteristics of a good energy storage system are as follows.
①The energy stored per unit volume (volume heat storage density) is high, that is, the system stores as much energy as possible. For example, high-energy batteries are popular with consumers because of their higher energy density and longer service life than ordinary batteries.
②Have good load regulation performance. When the energy storage system is in use, it is necessary to adjust the amount of energy released according to the requirements of the energy user. The quality of the load regulation performance determines the quality of the system performance.
③ Energy storage efficiency should be high. Energy storage is inseparable from energy transfer and conversion technology, so the energy storage system should be able to receive and release energy at the maximum rate without excessive driving force. At the same time, the leakage, evaporation, friction and other losses during the energy storage process are reduced as much as possible, and a high energy storage efficiency is maintained..
④The system has low cost and reliable long-term operation. If the energy storage device does not make economic sense, it will not be widely used.
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